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Cell surface glycoside hydrolases of Streptococcus gordonii promote growth in saliva
J Yang, Y Zhou, L Zhang, N Shah, C Jin… – Applied and …, 2016 – Am Soc Microbiol
… from rpsJ (ie, SGO_1986), was amplified from S. gordonii DL1 genomic DNA with primer pair rpsJ-F/rpsJ-R. The 720-bp sequence of gfp (including two TAA stop codons) was codon optimized for expression in S. gordonii and synthesized by Blue Heron Biotechnology, Inc. 

Novel Respiratory Syncytial Virus-Like Particle Vaccine Composed of the Postfusion and Prefusion Conformations of the F Glycoprotein
V Cimica, H Boigard, B Bhatia, JT Fallon… – Clinical and Vaccine …, 2016 – Am Soc Microbiol
… AIY25728.1) genes were codon optimized and chemically synthesized (Blue Heron Biotech, WA). Prefusion F mutants were designed by protein structure analysis using Cn3D software (NCBI, MD) and data from the NCBI repository (9, 13). 

A replication-defective human type-5 adenovirus-based trivalent vaccine confers complete protection against plague in mice and non-human primates
J Sha, ML Kirtley, C Klages, TE Erova… – Clinical and Vaccine …, 2016 – Am Soc Microbiol
… after codon optimization for E. coli by using Blue Heron Biotechnology (Bothell, WA) online 124 service (  The lcrV and the YFV fusion genes were 134 codon optimized for expression in humans by using the Blue Heron Biotechnology online 135 

Pexmetinib: a novel dual inhibitor of Tie-2 and p38 MAPK with efficacy in preclinical models of myelodysplastic syndromes and acute myeloid leukemia
L Bachegowda, K Morrone, SL Winski, I Mantzaris… – Cancer Research, 2016 – AACR
… Tie-2 (HEK-Tie2) were used to assess p38 and Tie2 phosphorylation in vitro. To create HEK-Tie2 cells, a synthetic cDNA was generated (Blue Heron Biotechnology, Bothell, WA) that directs the synthesis of a hybrid form of the Tie-2 receptor engineered to contain a FLAG 

MicroRNA-based control of tick-borne flavivirus neuropathogenesis: Challenges and perspectives
NL Teterina, OA Maximova, H Kenney, G Liu… – Antiviral research, 2016 – Elsevier
… Fig. 1B). Insertion of the synthetic sequence TL6 (Blue Heron Biotechnology) (Supplemental Fig.  1) were constructed using synthetic cDNA segments (Blue Heron Biotechnology) and cloned into the TL1 cDNA genome. RNA …

In vitro bioassay model for screening non-viral neurotrophic factor gene delivery systems for glaucoma treatment
DW Chen, M Foldvari – Drug Delivery and Translational Research, 2016 – Springer
… 1 School of Pharmacy, Waterloo Institute of Nanotechnology and Center for Bioengineering and Biotechnology, University of Waterloo, 200 University  De novo gene synthesis, construct cloning, and DNA purification were performed by Blue Heron Biotech (Bothell, WA, USA). 

Cocal vesiculovirus envelope pseudotyped retroviral vectors
GD Trobridge, HP Kiem – US Patent App. 15/099,939, 2016 – Google Patents
… Biotech. … In the case of the pMD2.CocalG plasmid described herein, the polynucleotide encoding the Cocal vesiculovirus envelope protein was first human codon-optimized using GeneMaker technology (Blue Heron Biotechnology, Bothell, Wash.). 

Biosensor-based engineering of biosynthetic pathways
JK Rogers, ND Taylor, GM Church – Current opinion in biotechnology, 2016 – Elsevier
… (a) Genome engineering produces products with an annual US market of $350B. Industrial biotechnology accounts for … oligonucleotide pools — Agilent Technologies, Custom Array and Twist Biosciences — and those supplying fully synthesized genes — Blue Heron, DNA 2.0 

Protective effects of bestatin in the retina of streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice
A Hossain, D Heron, I Davenport, T Huckaba… – Experimental Eye …, 2016 –
Elsevier Abstract CD13/APN (aminopeptidase N) was first identified as a selective angiogenic marker expressed in tumor vasculature and is considered a target for anti-cancer therapy. CD13 was also reported to express in non-diabetic, hypoxia-induced retinal neovascularization. …

Rabbits immunized with Epstein-Barr virus gH/gL or gB recombinant proteins elicit higher serum virus neutralizing activity than gp350
X Cui, Z Cao, Q Chen, S Arjunaraja, AL Snow… – Vaccine, 2016 – Elsevier
… followed by a His 6 coding sequence. DNA coding for the trimeric gH/gL was synthesized by Blue Heron Biotechnology, Inc., cloned into pOptiVEV (Invitrogen), and verified by sequencing. The monomeric EBV gH/gL construct was 

Urinary Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number Identifies Chronic Renal Injury in Hypertensive Patients
A Eirin, A Saad, H Tang, SM Herrmann, JR Woollard… – …, 2016 – Am Heart Assoc
… To calculate the absolute copy numbers of DNA in each sample, COX3 (Blue Heron BioTechnology, Bothell, WA; NC0129201) and ND1 (OriGene, Rockville, MD; SC101172) plasmid constructs (see the online-only Data Supplement) were diluted to generate serial dilutions and…

Multi-species sequence comparison reveals conservation of ghrelin gene-derived splice variants encoding a truncated ghrelin peptide
I Seim, PL Jeffery, PB Thomas, CM Walpole… – Endocrine, 2016 – Springer
… Coding regions of human exon 2-deleted preproghrelin and canonical preproghrelin were commercially synthesised and cloned into OriGene pCMV6-AC plasmid vectors (Blue Heron Biotechnology, Bothell, WA, USA). Constructs 

Complexity of Host Micro‐RNA Response to Cytomegalovirus Reactivation After Organ Transplantation
A Egli, LF Lisboa, D O’Shea, A Asberg… – American Journal of …, 2016 – Wiley Online Library
… Luciferase was under an internal ribosome entry site promoter, and the predicted 3’UTR target sequence was attached to the luciferase mRNA coding sequence (all Blue Heron Biotechnology, Bothell, WA, Figure S1A). Binding …

Oral Modeling of an Adenovirus-Based Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine in Ferrets and Mice
CD Scallan, JD Lindbloom, SN Tucker – Infectious diseases and therapy, 2016 – Springer
… for B/Wisconsin/01/2010. All HA genes were human codon optimized and synthesized by Blue Heron Biotechnology (Bothel, WA, USA). The HA gene was synthesized with flanking Kpn I sites, which facilitated cloning into a 

Multi-epitope proteins for improved serological detection of Trypanosoma cruzi infection and Chagas Disease
MS Duthie, JA Guderian, AC Vallur, A Misquith… – … and infectious disease, 2016 – Elsevier
… Nucleotide sequences encoding combinations of reactive TR domains were synthesized at Blue Heron Biotechnology (Bothell, WA, USA) and were designed to incorporate specific restriction enzyme sites 5′ and 3′ of the gene of interest and excluded in the target gene for 

Genome Editing Tools for Functional Analysis of HNF1A and IL6ST Genes
P Dobrinić, V Tadić, L Bočkor, D Markulin… – Croatica Chemica …, 2016 –
… as described previously.[13] To generate the target sequence containing three binding sites for IL6ST-targeting nucleases, 548 bp fragment containing parts of exons 3, 7 and 12 from IL6ST cDNA flanked by BamHI restriction sites was synthetized (Blue Heron Biotech, WA, USA 

Recombinant Pseudorabies Virus (PRV) Expressing Firefly Luciferase Effectively Screened for CRISPR/Cas9 Single Guide RNAs and Antiviral Compounds
YD Tang, JT Liu, QQ Fang, TY Wang, MX Sun, TQ An… – Viruses, 2016 –
… systems. J. Biotechnol. 2015, 214, 128–132. [Google Scholar] [CrossRef] [PubMed]; Blue Heron Biotechnology. Available online: tools/gRNASrc.jsp (accessed on 1 September 2015). Ran 

Coevolution of URAT1 and Uricase during Primate Evolution: Implications for Serum Urate Homeostasis and Gout
PK Tan, JE Farrar, EA Gaucher, JN Miner – Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2016 – SMBE
… Ancestral and baboon URAT1 sequences were synthesized by Blue Heron Biotech, LLC and cloned into pCMV6/neo using EcoRI and XbaI. All URAT1 protein sequences are show in supplementary figure S2, Supplementary Material online. Cell Culture and Transfection. 

Escherichia coli Protein Expression System for Acetylcholine Binding Proteins(AChBPs)
N Abraham, B Paul, L Ragnarsson, RJ Lewis – PLoS One, 2016 –
… Materials and Methods. Construct design. Synthetic Ls- and Ac-AChBP genes were designed and purchased (Blue Heron Biotechnology). The AChBP genes were PCR-amplified from pUC19 cloning vector using primers with 

Non-human mammals for the production of chimeric antibodies
L Green, H Shizuya – US Patent App. 15/095,908, 2016 – Google Patents
… pg. 1122-23, Lonberg, Nat. Biotech. (2005) 23 … the mouse. Such synthesis and assembly is known in the art and is practiced by commercial entities (eg, DNA2.0, Menlo Park, Calif.; Blue Heron Biotechnology, Bothell, Wash.). [0061 

Non-human mammals for the production of chimeric antibodies
L Green, H Shizuya – US Patent App. 15/095,864, 2016 – Google Patents
… pg. 1122-23, Lonberg, Nat. Biotech. (2005) 23 … the mouse. Such synthesis and assembly is known in the art and is practiced by commercial entities (eg, DNA2.0, Menlo Park, Calif.; Blue Heron Biotechnology, Bothell, Wash.). [0061 

Multivalent chromosomal expression of the Clostridium botulinum serotype A neurotoxin heavy chain antigen and Bacillus anthracis protective antigen in Lactobacillus …
S O’Flaherty, TR Klaenhammer – Applied and Environmental …, 2016 – Am Soc Microbiol
… the resulting codon optimized sequence. The cassette was synthesized and cloned into 150 pUC19minusMCS by Blue Heron( resulting in plasmid 151 pTRK1100, (Table 1). This plasmid was used as a template for subsequent cloning. 152 

RBBP6: a potential biomarker of apoptosis induction in human cervical cancer cell lines
P Moela, LR Motadi – OncoTargets and therapy, 2016 –
… RBBP6 overexpression was achieved using the pCMV6-AC-GFP mammalian expression vector supplied by Blue Heron Biotech, LLC (Bothell, WA, USA) to deliver the open reading frame of RBBP6 transcript variant 3 ({“type”:”entrez-nucleotide”,”attrs”:{“text”:”NM_032626.5 

Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of Clostridium difficile spore proteins
C Ghose, I Eugenis, AN Edwards, X Sun, SM McBride… – Anaerobe, 2016 – Elsevier
… corresponding codon-optimized nucleotides were commercially synthesized by Blue Heron Biotechnologies, Bothell  Endotoxin was removed by using Endotrap Blue columns according to manufacturer’s  with HRP to detect bound antibodies (Southern Biotech, Birmingham, AL). 

Oral Immunization with OspC Does Not Prevent Tick-Borne Borrelia burgdorferi Infection
R Melo, L Richer, DL Johnson, M Gomes-Solecki – PloS one, 2016 –
… sequence encoding the leader peptide of outer surface protein A (OspA) from B. burgdorferi and cloned into pET9c (for vaccine production) and into pET28a (for protein purification) using codons optimized for expression in E. coli (Blue Heron Biotechnology, Inc., WA, USA). 

Maternal transcription of non-protein coding RNAs from the PWS-critical region rescues growth retardation in mice
TS Rozhdestvensky, T Robeck, CR Galiveti… – Scientific …, 2016 –
… In situ hybridization was performed on floating 30 μm brain sections as previously described 36 . The Snord116 probe was synthesized in vitro and cloned into the pUC minusMCS plasmid, custom made by Blue Heron Biotech, LLC. 

Low sulfide levels and a high degree of cystathionine β-synthase (CBS) activation by S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) in the long-lived naked mole-rat
M Dziegelewska, S Holtze, C Vole, U Wachter… – Redox biology, 2016 – Elsevier
… The CBS CDS of naked mole-rat (XM_004885703), F. mechowii (KR028540), human (NM_000071), C431L and C431S variants, and human core with naked mole-rat regulatory domain were synthesized and cloned into pCMV6-AC plasmid by Blue Heron Biotechnology

Peroxisomes move by hitchhiking on early endosomes using the novel linker protein PxdA
J Salogiannis, MJ Egan… – The Journal of cell …, 2016 –
… protein tag, either TagGFP2 (Subach et al., 2008) or mKate2 (Shcherbo et al., 2009), followed by pxdA’s native 3′ UTR, and were inserted into the Blue Heron Biotechnology pUC vector at 5′ EcoRI and 3′ HindIII restriction sites using isothermal assembly (Gibson et al., 2009 

Allele-specific regulation of mutant Huntingtin by Wig1, a downstream target of p53
SH Kim, N Shahani, BI Bae, JI Sbodio… – Human molecular …, 2016 – Oxford Univ Press
… Carolina). The identical plasmid except for the presence of 70 CAA repeat sequences was obtained by de novo synthesis (Blue Heron Biotechnology). Plasmids were linearized with Bts I restriction enzyme (New England Biolabs 

Anti-CD20 Antibody with Multimerized Fc Domains: A Novel Strategy To Deplete B Cells and Augment Treatment of Autoimmune Disease
X Zhang, HS Olsen, S Chen, E So, H Zhou… – The Journal of …, 2016 – Am Assoc Immnol
… described (28). The amino acid sequence for rituximab was obtained from the ImMunoGeneTics database (, and DNA fragments were synthesized at Blue Heron Biotechnology (Bothell, WA). G001, recombinant 

Probing allocrite preferences of two naturally occurring variants of the wheat LR34 ABC transporter
N Rajagopalan, A Halasz, Y Lu, E Liu… – … and Cell Biology, 2016 – NRC Research Press
… 14149). Constructs and cloning The Lr34sus and Lr34res constructs were synthesized by Blue Heron Biotechnology Inc. They were recombined into gateway destination vector pYES-DEST52 (Life technologies). Gene specific 

Overcoming doxorubicin resistance of cancer cells by Cas9-mediated gene disruption
JS Ha, J Byun, DR Ahn – Scientific reports, 2016 –
… Results. The sgRNA was designed to target the coding sequence for N-terminal part of MDR1 protein that contains protospacer adjacent motif (PAM) using Guide RNA Target Design Tool (Blue Heron, USA) (Table S1). Then 

Non-human mammals for the production of chimeric antibodies
L Green, H Shizuya – US Patent 9,346,873, 2016 – Google Patents
… pg. 1122-23, Lonberg, Nat. Biotech. (2005) 23 … the mouse. Such synthesis and assembly is known in the art and is practiced by commercial entities (eg, DNA2.0, Menlo Park, Calif.; Blue Heron Biotechnology, Bothell, Wash.). A 

Compositions and methods for screening for lyme disease
PD Burbelo, A Marques, MJ Iadarola – US Patent 9,310,367, 2016 – Google Patents
… FIG. 3 ). Bb genes were amplified by PCR specific linker-primer adapters using synthetic cDNA templates assembled in the investigators laboratory or obtained from Blue Heron Biotechnology (Seattle, Wash.). Gene-specific 

Synthetic biology: starting from scratch
P Ball – Nature, 2004 –
… three years to build his poliovirus, but last November genome sequencer Craig Venter and his …Venter’s lightning-fast synthesis of a virus in November was a testament to  technology,” says John Mulligan, president of the DNA-synthesizing company Blue Heron Technology in