GeneMaker® Technology

Blue Heron’s GeneMaker® is a unique, robust, automated design and synthesis platform. Unlike commonly used PCR synthesis methods, GeneMaker® incorporates multiple novel technologies to first design and later synthesize each DNA sequences. Because the GeneMaker® manufacturing process is fully automated, Blue Heron can scale rapidly according to your needs.

1. Customer enters sequence data on secure, dedicated website
Safety and biosecurity are a primary priority of Blue Heron Biotechnology. We are a founding member of the International Gene Synthesis Consortium (IGSC) who has established a Harmonized Screening Protocol to promote biosecurity. The encrypted sequence data arrives at Blue Heron’s secure service and is checked against an internal database of known pathogenic sequences identified by our automated BLAST check against a list provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Australia Group, and European Union.

2. Proprietary algorithm designs the best “build” protocol
GeneMaker’s unique design software analyzes the sequence characteristics to determine the set of primary building blocks and stores this “parts list” and “build instructions” in the GeneMaker proprietary manufacturing database. The software utilizes scores of proprietary rules to avoid commonly-encountered errors including errors of sequence and errors of order. The manufacturing database and process automation software electronically instruct each instrument to make and assemble the building blocks. Automated quality control steps are also integrated throughout the manufacturing process.

3. Oligonucleotide synthesis
Based on the instructions from the database, oligos are synthesized, assembled and hybridized into Duplexes which are then assembled into Subtargets. Blue Heron uses only oligos meeting the highest quality standards in this process to ensure quality, consistency and accuracy are maintained.

4. Proprietary gene assembly technologies
Blue Heron has developed proprietary gene assembly instruments and other technologies to accurately and rapidly assemble sub-components into full-length constructs. The instruments operate unattended to assemble sub-components into the final full-length sequence using a proprietary column on a solid support matrix and other approaches. Blue Heron has also developed additional technologies to perform optimal gene assembly across a wide range of sequence motifs and characteristics.

5. Cloning and sequence verification
Genes are cloned into a standard Blue Heron vector (e.g., pUC derivatives) or a customer-provided vector. Prior to shipment, every sequence synthesized is sequenced using Gold Standard methods of double-stranded, primer walk, Big Dye methodology. Blue Heron customers receive the synthesized gene sequence exactly as ordered.

6. Versatile PrecisionShuttle Vectors
OriGene has developed a novel pCMV6-based, versatile protein expression vector system. The PrecisonShuttle system uses a simple ‘cut-and-paste’ procedure to subclone any gene inserts from any vector into any of 60 destination vectors. The destination vectors offer choices of:

• Epitope tags for protein purification detection
• Fluorescent protein tags for protein visualization
• Various drug marker for stable line establishment
• E.coli expression vectors